IHSATEC 2024: 17th HASIB


& Posters Presentation

The International Halal Science and
Technology Conference 2024 (IHSATEC):
17th Halal Science Industry and Business (HASIB)

International Conference. Bangkok, Thailand

December 19-20, 2024



"Previous Publication of IHSATEC: the HASIB"



CONNECT and ENGAGE with >200.000 SCHOLARS in Asia and Australia and still growing UP.​


ELIGIBLE papers will be published in international journal indexed by SCOPUS, WOS, DOAJ, Google Scholar, EBSCO, Copernicus, etc.​




All participants can EASILY register, access, and SEE submission PROGRESS in one screen. Built to ZERO MISTAKE of conference detail.​



150 USD for Presenter

Registration Fee Include:

  • Easy submission of the manuscript and monitoring of your conference & publication status.
  • E-Conference Abstract Proceeding book with DOI number.
  • E-Certificate of International Conference.
  • All accepted PAPERS have the opportunity to be published in reputable international journals indexed by SCOPUS/ WOS/ SSCI/ ESCI/ Copernicus/ DOAJ/ EBSCO/ Google Scholar, etc. *Terms and Conditions applied (selected by the Scientific Editorial and Reviewer Committee).
  • The ethical and reliable scientific process of double-blind review (participants will receive results of their review including plagiarism and content check).
  • Access to other virtual content from the conference.
  • Vibrant conference atmosphere through more than just a standard Q&A session.
  • Selected participants will be invited for several scientific projects (such as joint paper writing, keynote speaker, workshop coach, reviewer, scientific committee, etc.).

*All PAPERS will get international exposure and scientific feedback from scholars around the globe during the conference.

*All interested parties (ATTENDEE) are FREE welcome to participate in this conference.

* Moreover, SCIENTIFIC OPPORTUNITY and PROJECT will be offered ONLY for participants who join in the conference.


  1. SIGN IN at the https://www.researchsynergysystem.com/login using a G-mail or Facebook account.
  2. Choose ROLE as PARTICIPANT.
  3. Fill in all personal data required (*)
  4. Add “+ NEW CONFERENCE”, Choose IHSATEC 2024: 17th HASIB
  5. Continue and Follow the Submission Process in the system until the “SUBMIT” button.
  6. Monitor your registration status and progress by signing in to your account.
  7. You will get an announcement by email regarding your paper status. You can directly download the letter of acceptance (LOA), invoice, and content review through your account.
  8. Make the payment (only after announcement of abstract acceptance – LOA received) and upload the payment proof through our online system (NOT email).
  9. Upload your Full paper (after payment is confirmed by the system).
  10. Create your presentation then upload to the system.
  11. Go to the conference as per schedule.

Note for publication: Please check with any plagiarism detection software and make sure to have only at most 20% similarity score. Any paper with more than 20% similarity score will not be considered in the publication database unless specified in the proof of similarity score.


Paper for Journal Format

  • Manuscript should be contains minimum 5.000 words and should not exceed 7.000 words including embedded figures and tables, contain no appendix, and the file should be in Microsoft Office (.doc/.docx) or Open Office (.odt) format.
  • Paper should be in prepared in A4 paper (21cm x 29.7cm) using 2.5 cm for inside margin and 2 cm for top, bottom, and outside margin. No need to alter page number in this template as the page number will be reordered at pre-printing process.
  • The title, abstract and main text should be in one column.
  • Title should be less than 15 words, title case, small caps, centered, bold, font type Times New Roman (TNR), font size 16, and single spaced.
  • The main text of the writing should be in one columns with 1 cm column spacing, justified, 12 TNR, first line indent 5 mm, and 1.5 spaced.
  • The manuscript should begin with title, abstract, and keyword and the main text should consist of: Introduction, Literature Review, Research Methodology, Finding and Discussion, Conclusion and Further Research; followed by References.

Guidelines for Oral and Poster Presentation

  • Oral presentation:

    The presentation should be made by using Microsoft PowerPoint. All contents in the presentation must be in English. All presenters are required to upload their files to a computer provided by the organizer and check the files before the presentation. The oral presenters will be given 10 minutes to present their works and an additional 5 minutes for Q&A.


  • All accepted ABSTRACTS will be published in a conference proceeding e-book with DOI.
  • Presenters who are eligible for conference GRANT will publish their full paper in the Journal of Halal Science, Industry, and Business (JHASIB)  https://journals.researchsynergypress.com/index.php/jhasib  
  • Non-GRANT eligible PAPERS have opportunity to be published in a reputable international journal indexed by SCOPUS/ WOS/ Google Scholar, etc. *Terms and Conditions applied (selected by Scientific Editorial and Reviewer Committee)
  • Eligible and selected full papers will be submitted and published in F1000Research Platform – RSF Gateway >> https://f1000research.com/rsf . Once accepted, articles are published and subject to peer review; articles that pass peer review will be indexed in SCOPUS and other bibliographic indexers.

Peer-Reviewed Indexed International Journals by Research Synergy Press >> https://journals.researchsynergypress.com



All publications process conducted ethically based on RSF code of conduct and publications ethic guideline (Based on COPE). Please see in the website of RSF or Website of conferences to download the Ethic Guideline. All parties (Author, editor, conference chair, Scientific review committee) should follow the ethic guide.


RSF publications put forwards sustainability relationship between RSF-Author and RSF-Editor. Furthermore, RSF always hold trusted publications partner with reputable indexing.


RSF clearly announce the detail of publications process, timeline and information about the journal or publisher directly through email/ website or conference event. All the information of journal will be announce to all author/ participants after they passed the1st review stage (consist of plagiarism check and aligning aims and scope) through email. All author/ participants have the right to follow the recommendations of the RSF publications or not. If they agree with the recommendations, RSF publications will send the consent letter to all authors/ participants to proceed the next stage.


RSF publications trying to encourage all authors/ participants to follow all scientific process conducted by RSF publication and journals. RSF Publications apply some period of revision and reminder to all authors/ participants. RSF Publications collaboration with Research Synergy Institute facilitate scientific writing workshop all over universities in ASIA and other country to empower and enhance the scholars capacity and productivity.





All the abstract of article submitted to conference website and reviewed by Research Synergy Scientific review committee through Reviewer Track platform.

* Conference double blind peer review (abstract/full paper)


All the abstract of article submitted to conference website and reviewed by Research Synergy Scientific review committee through Reviewer Track platform.

* Plagiarism check (<20%)
* Contents review (aims & scope)
* Language review (cohesion, grammar, vocabulary)


All manuscript which perform on those criteria will be recommended to Research Synergy journal affiliations (Author should follow journal’s submission).

* Journal recommendation in each article


The review process will take approximately 5 to 7 working days.

You will receive the article decision (accepted/ accepted with revision/ rejected) from the official email of the conference committee right after the review process is completed. Please check your email at the inbox/ spam folder.

No. Sometimes our announcement goes to your SPAM folder due to email restriction. If you already submitted your article and passed 14 working days, please check the email (inbox and spam folder) and your submission account to check the progress. You can always check and monitor (independently) your registration status anytime by login to https://www.researchsynergysystem.com/login 

You need to login to your Submission account ( https://www.researchsynergysystem.com/login ) to continue the submission process.

  1. You need to make a payment for registration fee (you can do it via online or offline). The payment instruction and detail for online/ offline are clearly informed in your invoice.
  2. Please upload the proof/ receipt of your payment transaction by uploading the receipt in the system. If you are not uploading the receipt, we can not change/ move your status to the next step.
  3. Waiting Scholarvein admin to check your payment and approve it in the system. You can always track your status in your account.
  4. After the admin approves your payment status, you can upload your full paper for journal publication. 
  5. Upload your presentation file [PPT] by login to your Submission account 
  6. Finally, the committee will give the journal recommendations that suit your paper quality and context based on the rigorous scientific review process. You can always check your publication progress by login to your Submission account.

Yes, you have. There is no need to pay anything before you receive the notification of acceptance of your article/ LOA. Please be noticed; if we do not receive your payment confirmation at the latest deadline (maximum 20 days before the conference date), then we will exclude your participation in the conference. Moreover, you can NOT upload your full paper for journal publication if the payment has not yet been made.

You can always check and monitor (independently) your registration status anytime by login to https://www.researchsynergysystem.com/login . Please find your conference name and click the submission process. You can download all conference documents needed including LOA, invoice, review result in that menu independently.

No, it doesn’t. The registration fee is non-refundable, and it includes charges for conference participation only. Please refer to the conference website in page/ menu “Registration Page” to see the complete information, and it’s facilities.

The publication timeline already stated on the conference website at the homepage section. Moreover, it depends on the journal publication schedule and the scientific process. But the author no need to worry because you can check your publication status by login to your Scholarvein account in the left menu entitled: “Publication.”

The quality of your article takes a vital role to be published in Scopus Journal. There will be a rigorous scientific review process to decide the journal recommendation that suits your article/ paper.

You can always check and monitor (independently) your registration status anytime by login to your Scholarvein account. Please find and click the menu on the left screen entitled: “Registration Status” then “Main Paper.” Your current stage or status of registration will be displayed there.

No. Sometimes our announcement goes to your SPAM folder due to email restriction. If you already submitted your manuscript and passed 7 working days, please check the email (inbox and spam folder) and your scholarvein account to check the progress. You can download your plagiarism check result by login to your Scholarvein account, then click the menu on the left screen entitled: “Download”.


(IHSATEC): 17th Halal Science Industry and Business (HASIB)  committee through The Halal Science Center Chulalongkorn University, Thailand and Research Synergy Foundation (RSF) hereby reiterates that we are NOT authorized to assist with any Visa application works. We, here include the organization itself, the conference secretariat, international liaisons and any individuals or parties related to the conference committee. 

The conference committee does not issue organization registration letter, letter of guarantee, schedule of staying letter, local sponsor letter, and governmental format invitation letter, but provides only Letter of Acceptance issued by the Conference Committee Board. 

You may be required to submit a letter of guarantee to the embassy. Here the conference committee would like to emphasize the difference between a letter of acceptance and a letter of guarantee. 

Letter of Acceptance: 

A Letter of Acceptance is a proof that your abstract/paper submission and registration application are accepted and invited by the conference committee board. It will be stated in English and may help with your visa application. However, it does not guarantee you a visa. 

Letter of Guarantee: 

A Letter of Guarantee is an individual/party who agrees to be legally and financially responsible for your staying during your visit in the country you’re going to. The conference committee will not provide any Letter of Guarantee. 

Should your application be denied, conference committee cannot change the decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, nor will we engage in discussion or correspondence with the MOFA or the Embassy on behalf of the applicant. The registration fee cannot be refunded when the VISA application of individual be denied. 

Please visit the Thailand portal website for information and regulations about your visa application on


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